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Dear Arts Enthusiast,

Please join me in support of Waterfall Arts’ 2014 Annual Fall Appeal.

How important is an art center in a community?

Awareness and vision expanded. New skills gained. Unexpected abilities realized. Imaginations in power. Achieving these real accomplishments in real time are at the core of what we do at Waterfall Arts, and they are at the core of a lively community. When we launched our innovative programs in 2000, we opened doors to personal transformation as well, and they've been open since.

Your community support allows Waterfall’s Galleries to focus on issues. This summer our Clifford Gallery’s two shows were dedicated to women. In The Blue Marble Project, 20 artists addressed the fragility and beauty of our lives on Planet Earth. In our unjuried Print exhibit, artists young and old showed their work side by side, as equals.

Your community support sowed the seeds for a generous Quimby Family Foundation grant to fund our Bridge program for sixth graders, whose art classes fell to the budget axe. Bridge is currently expanding into a community-wide, year-round Youth and Family Outreach program. Young artists speak in their own words: “I learn more about myself in Bridge than anywhere else…and know how good I am at art!” “Bridge is the number one thing I look forward to all week!” “It was a second home to me… The Power of Art is strong within us.” Strengthening our kids builds our community.

Our second year of work with Waldo County Tech Center horticulture students brought another strikingly beautiful Living Wall to Waterfall all summer. This project, volunteer-powered by a Waterfall Board member, engages teens where art and science intersect, exhibits their skills and brings them public admiration.

Waterfall is a second home for artists and arts enthusiasts of all ages. Working artists have studios here. Others come to learn, some to look and talk, some to play and perform music, to dance, to use our printmaking studio, create sculpture and clay pottery. Organizations meet here, friends meet friends. The building fills and empties; the place buzzes all the time.

The latest buzz is that this large, thick brick building, after 79 years, has quit burning oil for good. We are saving money and energy by installing heat pumps throughout and are on our way to an air-sealed, super-insulated facility that will be a model for cold climates. More funds for programs, next to nothing for fossil fuels.

Please join me in supporting this terrific community creator, Waterfall Arts, in its 15th year of art with a flair.

Thank you for your most generous contribution,

Alan Crichton

Board President 


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