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Since 2000, Waterfall Arts has held affordable classes and workshops in different types of art at its Montville and Belfast locations. The aim is to make art-making accessible to people of all ages and abilities, providing inspiration in comfortable, yet exciting, facilities. Experienced instructors have taught classes in ceramics, photography, graphic design, all types of painting, paper maiche, dance, glass beads, wood and stone carving, song writing, assemblage, green design and sustainability, art inspiration, sculpture, art+nature installation, print making, wire sculpture, choreography, making paper, art camps for kids, medieval technique and more. Click here for a pdf of classes for kids, classes for teens and adults and classes for adults or go to the calendar for listings.

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slideshow: Fairyhouse at the Kingdom, class in the Mill House, working in the studio, kids' performance class, life drawing and painting, group exercise in Shake Up your Art workshop

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Waterfall Arts | 256 High Street, Belfast, Maine 04915 | (207) 338-2222 | info@waterfallarts.org
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